~For Margaret~

Intimate thoughts, precious dreams,
mountain tops and valley streams.
Listening to the sound of the bluebells’ ring
the song of the breeze as the butterflies sing.
Shafts of light through the silent trees,
lazy cattle and busy bees.
A blade of grass caresses my arm ..…
a fantasy world, secure and calm.
Floating lightly as a feather,
mind and matter blend together.
All that I hear and all that I see,
a special place to cradle me.
A world secure, where no other dares.
My sanctuary where nobody cares.
Time to ponder, time unmoving –
a world of beauty and inner soothing.
This is my temple, my refuge from pain
a place that I visit again and again.
Life’s not always what it seems,
full of sadness and shattered dreams.
For I have found my place to be –
this perfect world I’ve made for me.

Rowland Hughes ©